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Offshore Support

Cost Efficient Global Team

Chiacon provides offshore IT solutions and services which address the ever-changing climate of technology and the business needs of our clients. While many companies choose to implement offshore IT solutions or outsource IT specific tasks, many remain reluctant to engage companies for their IT needs due to a lack of confidence.

Chiacon sought to dispel this mistrust, by establishing a recruitment process whereby all candidates undergo rigorous evaluation, to find the absolute best IT specialists available for our clients.

With transparency and flexibility, our outsourced IT services reflect our dedication to supporting our client’s growth and expansion. We are very well positioned to help our client’s setup offshore operations on their premises or on our premises on agreed models. We also cater and provide 24*7 support across customer local time zones.

Companies choose us to outsource IT Services for a Multitude of Reasons

  • Time to focus on core business concerns

  • Access to the latest technologies

  • Engagement of industry experts

  • Reduced financial risk

  • Increased workflow flexibility

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