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Modern Office

Connecting Right talent to Right opportunities.

Chiacon offers cost-efficient engagement models for Staff Augmentation and helps customers upscale and downscale based on their requirements. The most important parameter for a staffing industry is reducing cost, improving quality, and increase responsiveness. Chiacon is thriving to deliver all three of the parameters in every delivery. It helps clients to find the right resource in a short time and at a very competitive price.

Businesses often require subcontractors for assistance on large, specialized or diversified projects when they do not have the right skill sets. We help our clients with Staff Augmentation service that seamlessly fits in with their existing workforce. Choosing the right technology could be tedious but what is more challenging is finding the right people to make the most of the technology. Chiacon has a team of experts who understand each and every technology in detail and ability to offer the perfect solution to the clients.

Chiacon Consulting build an exceptional relationship with our clients to understand their business requirements. Our strength is understanding client requirements both technically and culturally.`

Staffing Solutions that we offer for our Clients.

  1. Contract to Hire

  2. Contract to Recruit 

  3. Project specific Contracts

  4. Payroll Execution for contractors

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