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Concise CV

Meet Concise CV, Your AI-powered Resume Screening Partner

Unlocking the power of AI, Concise CV seamlessly distils key insights from hundreds of resumes into a singular, dynamic Excel file, revolutionizing the talent acquisition process for swift and informed decision-making.

Why choose Concise CV ?
Streamlined Screening Process

Cut down screening time significantly by leveraging AI for initial resume filtering.

Target Top Talent

Rapidly identify candidates closely aligned with your specific job requirements and criteria.

Bias-Free Selection

AI-powered analysis removes human bias, ensuring a fair and objective candidate selection process.

Informed Decision-Making

Obtain detailed summaries on candidates' skills, experience, and qualifications for deeper insights.

Enhanced Productivity

Liberate your HR team for higher-level tasks such as interviews and fostering candidate engagement by automating routine screening processes.


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Chiacon continues to grow and expand its reach, serving clients across industries and geographies.

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