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“The 25th HOUR”

Updated: May 16

Ever since childhood, we have been told that there are 24 Hours a day. I also kept on believing this 24-hour cycle and considered it to be the universal truth.

As the train of life kept on crossing various stations and junctions, these 24 hours seems to be relatively short. “SHORT”, yes because I always had one or the other activity left in my day that was a wish to be completed if the day would have been a bit longer. A call to a friend or family member, online training, a yoga session, a motor bike ride, or anything, we always have a list of activities that we miss because of lack of time. Generally, self-development, health regime or skill upgrade are few of the themes that will be there on that list.

So, is it possible to have 25th hour in our day, does it exist? After a deep analysis, reviewing daily regime of lots of successful people, leaders, I noticed one common theme i.e. they all have that 25th hour in their life. Yes, you heard it right, 25th hour of the day.

Think, if we get an extra hour daily in our life, we will have 365 additional hours in a year or around 45-work days or 1.5-work months extra than rest of the world. These many hours will be sufficient to get to whatever we wish to achieve. This is the delta time that bring in difference in life of people. These are the additional hours that a very few people always seem to have and those people are always very successful, happy and content then the mass population.

So, the big question is, how can I get my 25th hour? In our daily life, there are at least a dozen of opportunities that can contribute to achieve this. If we target to save around 10 mins from any 5-6 activities of this list, you will get formula to your 25th hour.

Here is the magical ingredient list.

1. Alarm Clock

Go and get a real Alarm clock, the olden days one. This will help you to avoid checking emails, WhatsApp and other low productive things as first thing in morning. You are unknowingly spending those extra 10-15 mins in bed while doing this as first thing in morning.It not only saves time, but also boosts your mood as you will not get chance to see a nasty mail, someone’s foreign trip photos or things like that. This also gives you chance to keep your phone away for some time and have less exposure to radiations/ signals.

2. Get up 15 mins early

It is one of those levers that gives you freedom to make your own time. It may be difficult to start with, but this is THE ingredient of 25th Hour. Getting up early doesn’t only add to your 25th hour, but it will slowly open your gateway to lot many other opportunities.

3. One task at a time

It is well proven fact that human mind works best if it is focused on one given task. Try to do one thing at a time, instead of doing too many things together. Juggling multiple tasks at once can seriously cut down your productivity and makes it much harder to master in on the details of any task.

4. Stop taking your phone to Loo

This is the simplest thing you can do to steal those extra 10-15 min you are unknowingly wasting. Taking your phone to Loo extends the time you spend there, it is something that is never noticed but still it wastes our time and brings germs to phone.

5. Social Media

This is another lollypop task. We all spend quite a bit of time on different social media platforms, try to be less active on one of the less important ones. Try to give up one social media app for couple of weeks. You will notice that you really don’t miss it after some time. This is one bucket where you can take out 15 mins like anything.

6. Disable notification on your phone

Notification is another big culprit where we pick up our phone just to check it, but ultimately ends up spending more than that. This is one of those buckets, where you just need to change settings in your phone and you will automatically get that time with you. Try disabling notification for most of the things except phone calls, text message etc.

7. Switch off your WIFI before going to bed

Switching off WIFI is again low hanging one, no effort straight and simple step to that golden 25th hour. It helps you to avoid un-necessary screen time just before and after sleep.


8. Stop unlocking your phone

In a given day, a normal phone user picks up his / her phone for at least 10 times just to check if there is anything to be noticed. This unlocking and locking easily takes away 15-20 mins from your day.

9. Email productivity

This one may not be true for all, but we can try to be more productive with our email skills. Quite a bit of time, we think too much before replying to some of the mails, may be when we try to reply to some leader, or especially when we react on someone’s not so good mail. We can be more affirmative and quicker on emails. Note that it is suggested to avoid overthinking but not thinking before your write 😊.


10. Bed time screen time

This is again, one of the daily routines that we never notice, but avoiding phone just before sleep not only will save your time, it will in fact help in getting better sleep.


Once you start executing 5-6 of these activities and start generating time, you will automatically have your 25th hour of the day. Practicing it for 40 continuous days will engrave itself in you and you will develop a habit for same. It is this 25th hour that will drive lot of productivity and hence better satisfaction factor in your life. Slowly you will see that your pending items list will disappear. After unlocking your golden 25th hour, you will realize that there exists the 26th and 27th hour too…

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