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Timer Activities in Test Suite

The Testing Activity Pack now includes the possibility to test time ranges with the new Timer Activity. It allows to start and stop timers and their output can be easily verified. This improvement allows easy performance testing for the tested application.

What are Timer Activities

Timer Activities are used when you want to know the execution time between two sequences or a set of activities. Timer Activities are newly introduced in UiPath. Earlier this, we used to use Datetime variable to get the execution time between sequences or activities. But Timer Activities are very useful when you want to get the execution or response time of an API.

Different Timer Activities

These are the Timer Activities you will find under Available → System → Timer.

Start Timer

Start Timer activity is used to start the timer. In this, create or give a variable of “Timer” type. You can search for the variable type by clicking on Browse for Types “UiPath.Core.Timer”.

Reset Timer

When you are done with certain activities and you want to start a new set of activities where you need to set the timer to zero, then you can use Reset Timer and provide the same Timer object that was used in Start Timer and provide that Timer variable as an Input to reset the timer. This will reset the timer to 0.

Resume Timer

When you use Reset Timer in your sequence then the value of the Timer will be 0, so you need to use Resume Timer activity to resume the timer to calculate the time for the rest of the sequence. If you don’t resume the timer, the value of the timer will be 0 till the end of the execution.

Stop Timer

Stop Timer activity is used to stop the timer. In the sequence, when we Start/Reset/Resume the timer, then use Stop Timer activity to get the execution time of any sequence or set of activities.

Timeout Scope

It creates a scope with limited execution time. It throws a System.TimeoutException in case of timeout. In this, you need to provide the timespan after which, the current scope throws an exception. You can provide the Timeout Message; message will be displayed in case of timeout. And under Body, you can add activities to be executed in this section

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